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Welcome to the new and improved Domain Entertainment™ website; makers of Domain Point of Sale™ credit card processing and check guarantee software.  The purpose of this site is to provide additional support services to existing customers and provide information to potential customers and resellers.  We've provided a number of resources here to help you report and resolve problems, suggest improvements and learn about our products.

What's New

bulletDomain Point of Sale™ *DISCONTINUED*
bulletPABP/PA-DSS Security Latest News  - 01/2011
bulletPABP/PA-DSS Security + Position Statement - 06/2009
bulletThe Online Store is back online and fully operational!
bulletSecurity Considerations + New Version v2.20 Released!
bulletNew Version v2.11 Released!
bulletTroubleshooting section updated! - 08/2005
bulletMerchant Master Owners Click Here! - 11/2004
bulletInternet processing with NO GATEWAY FEES - 09/2004
bulletNew Dial-up Numbers for First Data - 06/2004
bulletScare Letter - 08/2003
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bulletDomain Point of Sale™
bulletMerchant Master
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bulletDomain Point of Sale™ *DEMO*
bulletDomain Point of Sale™ Owner's Manual
bulletSoftware Installation Guide
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The FAQ's and downloads offered on this website are offered as a convenience by Domain Entertainment and are intended to address general reseller and end user questions.  Technical support, installation information, merchant account, and lease information is handled by your place of purchase or merchant services.  Domain Entertainment only provides direct technical support upon referral from your place of purchase.

Technical Support Information

Technical support is provided by the reseller from which you purchased your software (normally your merchant account representative).  Additional support may be requested via e-mail by selecting Contact Us on the link bar.


If you are an ISO or RA offering merchant accounts to MO/TO and Retail merchants and are interested in offering the Domain Point of Sale software product to your customers please use our convenient online reseller section to submit your contact details and obtain reseller forms and information.   You will be contacted with purchasing and pricing information if you meet the reseller requirements.

Consider the benefits of becoming one of our authorized resellers:

bulletWe offer the lowest pricing available on small quantities (20 units).*
bulletDomain Point of Sale is the easiest software on the market to set up and use.*
bulletWe do NOT make initial software sales to end users which means no price competition from Domain Entertainment.
bulletYou program the merchant number prior to sending out the software which means:
bulletReprograms of existing software owners can be done by your office.
bulletCustomers cannot change or alter their merchant number which can cause costly mistakes.
bulletCustomers don't need to make additional calls for special codes to enter their merchant numbers.
bulletWe now offer the convenience of online ordering, with payment credit card, for our resellers.

*Based on information from resellers of Domain Point of SaleTM.


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