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Merchant Master Discount Eligibility Form

Domain Point of Sale™ was privately labeled as Merchant Master and was sold by certain agents until it's last shipment on July 26, 2001.  Domain Entertainment™ stopped supporting Merchant Master labeled versions of the software in 2002.

Through special arrangements it is now possible for owners of Merchant Master software to upgrade directly to the current version of Domain Point of Sale™ at a discount of 50% or more while also obtaining a new avenue of product support!

Using the current version of Domain Point of Sale™ it is possible to process transactions through the internet using your DSL, Cable, ISDN, or other internet connection plus it will bring you up to date with current credit card processing requirements!

If you are an owner of the Merchant Master labeled software and are interested in upgrading at a significant discount off of the online store price, completely fill out the form below and you will be contacted by e-mail and/or phone letting you know if and how you can qualify for the discount.

Please Note: Only Merchant Master owners are currently eligible for this offer but some may not qualify; specific details on eligibility will be given to you after completing this form. This information will not be used to place you on any mail, e-mail, or telemarketing lists and is used only to determine your eligibility for this discount and to contact you regarding this discount.

Please fill out completely:

Tell us how to get in touch with you:

Company Name
City, State

Tell us about your Merchant Master software:

Serial Number (found on your original installation diskette or original contract)
Version Number (click on Help->About in the program)
Merchant Number (click on Configuration->Merchant Number in the program)
Purchased From (office location and/or agent name)



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