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The following information regards currently known bug (and other) issues as well as possible workarounds and solutions for them.  Please try to locate the problem that most closely matches the one that you're having and attempt that particular solution before trying any others.  If you are experience modem specific problems please consult the Modem Troubleshooting page.

Problem:  When I try to VOID a transaction the program locks up!

Occurrence: Program versions 2.10B100104 and prior.

Solution:  The program is not actually locked up - in versions of Windows prior to XP it was possible for a window to appear outside of your screen; to be able to see the VOID window you must increase the screen resolution on your computer (right click on the desktop, select properties and then the settings tab).  This is currently the only workaround - this will be accounted for in future versions of the software.

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Problem:  I am unable to activate my software *OR* I immediately receive a "Datawire Error #50045" (or #45) when trying to do a system check or process a transaction - I am connected to the internet and my merchant numbers all appear to be correct.

Occurrence: Program version 2.10B100104.

Solution:  If you are using Norton Firewall (or some other firewall program) you must insure that you "Permit All" access to the internet by the Domain Point of Sale software - failure to do so will result in similar problems.  You can click here to visit the Norton Firewall website for information on how to manually add it.

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Problem:  I receive an 'Invalid Response' message when trying to close my batch.  All other transactions process fine with no problems.  I previously had no problems using the same computer and setup; this started happening shortly after the beginning of the year (January 2003).

Occurrence: Program versions 1.00B110102 and prior.

Solution:  It has been reported that changing both the primary and secondary phone numbers in the program to the 800 number (under Configuration->Modem (Click 'Advanced' button if you have one)) will correct this problem.

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Problem: When I try to close a batch containing a VOID (or other offline transaction) it always does a 'Force Close' and the VOIDs don't appear to get processed.

Occurrence: Program version 1.00B110102

Solution: This problem occurs after upgrading from an older version and is caused by the connection type getting set incorrectly.  Go to Configuration->Modem and click 'OK', this will reset the configuration file and correct the problem.

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Problem: When I print a receipt in the program; there are twice as many copies printed as the number that I select.

Occurrence: Program versions 1.00B110102 and possibly one or two prior versions.

Workaround: Select to print only one copy at a time; additional copies can be printed from the Audit Trail if necessary.  This has been corrected in current releases.

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Problem: When initially selecting or de-selecting multiples-mode only the first transaction would be processed as selected.

Occurrence: Program version 1.00B110102

Workaround: When selecting or de-selecting multiples-mode click 'Cancel' on the transaction screen and then re-select the transaction type you wish to process before beginning.  This has been corrected in current releases.

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Problem: While a transaction is being processed the card data in the background disappears (blanks out) and then that transaction appears blank in the audit trail.

Occurrence: Program version 1.00B110102

Workaround: This occurs when clicking the background screen in the program while the transaction is taking place; avoid clicking while the transaction is processing to avoid this problem.  This has been corrected in current releases.

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Problem: I receive an 'Invalid CAVV' message when processing a transaction.

Occurrence: All versions 1.00B110102 and prior

Solution: This occurs when the card being processed is a Purchase or Procurement card and the Transaction Type selected is Card Present.  These types of cards can only be processed as a card not present transaction type such as Mail Order/Phone Order.  Select the correct transaction type for this card to avoid this message.

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